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Brewmaster Tour

Embark on our"Brewmaster Tour" and discover the thriving craft brewery landscape in the Stowe area with our knowledgeable guide. This tour will take you to top-notch brew spots where you can taste a range of exceptional and distinctive beers while also learning about the brewing techniques and the histories of each brewery. This tour is a perfect chance to discover the finest of Stowe's beer scene and indulge in a delicious appetizer. This experience is ideal for those who want to explore the local area and try something new.

Door-to-door transportation is included for those staying in Stowe, VT.


5 Hours

12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Adult: $129 per person

Non-Drinker: $60 per person

This tour is open enrollment and has a minimum number of 3 participants to be operational. If the tour becomes nonoperational because of a lack of participants we may cancel or re-book. Custom group tours and private tours are available. Tell us what you're interested in and we'll create a custom tour of things to drink, eat, see, and experience in Stowe, Vermont.

Please contact us for more information at 802-917-665​6

Places We Visit

Click to learn more about the places we are able to visit in the Stowe area.

Reserve your tour online through our calendar or call 802-917-6656

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